Powerball Ticket Game Talk

Charlie doesn’t respond; he’s staring at the television screen, mentally calculating his chance of winning the office pool as Ohio State scores. Their kicker makes the extra point. The advertisement that follows is for some shampoo brand that’s supposed to make a woman’s hair richer, fuller, and more radiant. The model, twisting her shoulders this… Continue reading Powerball Ticket Game Talk

Jobs For Powerball

Jobs For Powerball ” Delegates rake,” claims Betsy Nightengale, searching for at their bedroom ceiling, “books to repossess to the library, groceries, sandbags for the back of my car, as well as for yours, as well, de-icer stuff for the walkway, as well as get the snowblower serviced.” She despises loss, but she hates winter… Continue reading Jobs For Powerball

redwood city restaurant week

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